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Alrighty, ladies let’s get real and talk about the internet sensation that we know as Shein! It’s no secret that Shein has swept the world wide web with its appeal to fast fashion and affordable prices.  Did you know, according to, Shein is actually worth more than H&M and Zara combined?!  Now listen, I’m not here to claim that this online store is the best place for clothes, shoes, and accessories, because that’s simply not true. BUT… I will say that Shein is becoming one of my favorite places to find affordable trendy items at the click of a button.  I work full time and also do ministry almost full time so my days and weekends are pretty busy. Shopping online has saved me time and money. Whether it be driving to the store and looking for parking, and let’s not forget those long lines at the mall. I finally found a place where I can virtually search for whatever down to the details of color or length, material, and the list goes on.

Now I know what you’re thinking- cheap prices mean cheap clothing that rips the moment you wash it. Well, this is not necessarily true and I can say this because I have pieces that I’ve worn for over a year that are perfectly intact and doing just fine. You may also wonder how to get the sizing right and have concerns that things are too big or too small. I’ve been there, and I think I might be able to help! Here are three helpful tricks to mastering shopping on

  1. Look at both the Description and Reviews: When I first started shopping on Shein, I would order things that were either too big or too small. And sometimes the clothing didn’t fit my body in a flattering way. It wasn’t long until I realized, that if I read under “Size & Fit”, I could look at the model in the picture and eyeball what I think would best fit me. And to take things further, the reviews page is so helpful too! Many people post real photos of them wearing the clothing and share descriptions of their height and weight to explain how the clothes fit their certain body type. This was a total game-changer for me! I began to finally figure out and visualize how that particular item might fit and look on me.
  2. Pick According to the Brand: Did you know that Shein is home to 10 different brands! I am going to highlight two of the women’s brands that I really love. MOTIF is their high-end line of dresses and business casual clothing. If I could compare it to something, I would definitely say this brand reminds me of Zara and Banana Republic, that’s how quality the fabrics are. I actually have a 100 percent silk dress I bought that was so well made and is still going strong today from MOTIF. This is where I have got some of my church dresses and pieces for work, well when I used to report to the office- I work from home now as many of you may also work from home. But hey, you never know when you may need a business outfit for a meeting or work trip. The other brand I love is DAZY which is a comfy glam streetwear brand. I would say DAZY is like Topshop from the UK and Wild Fable from Target. I am obsessed with this line because their pieces are usually pretty unique and they have a ton of oversized items which I love!
  3. Use the Coupon Codes: Shein is so awesome in that they provide coupon codes that save us some money. I think they ultimately trick consumers so that we keep on coming back for more haha. But seriously, after you spend just $29, you get 10 percent off your order. And the discounts increase according to how much you spend. They oftentimes throw in free shipping as well! The codes are always available so I would recommend using them with every purchase if at all possible. And the nice thing about Shein is that they provide free returns.  I have had to return a few things and all I did was print my label, stick it on a used Amazon box, and drop off my returns at the local UPS store. It’s really that simple.

Also, I think it’s also very interesting how similar Shein and Zara’s dupes have been popping up all over the internet. I’m not educated enough to speak to the why or how but just look at the photos above. If you ask me, I think these items are the exact same clothing. So if you can shop at Zara, why not give Shein a try? Another fun fact is that Shein now has even a makeup line called Sheglam which is starting to sweep the market as well! I’ve tried some lashes and I even have a blush brush that works very well. Listen, it’s a whole thing and I encourage you to join the party! If you’re looking for a design on a dime, I would say give it a chance! And if all else fails, return to sender!

Much love,